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Balance Your Life Program

Through a combination of Physiotherapy techniques and Martial Arts skills, you will learn how to fall gracefully.

This 8 week class is for highly motivated individuals who are willing to learn new skills and to practice them on a daily basis. All precautions will be taken to reduce the risk of injury during this very active training program by using transfer belts, foam mats and close supervision.

This class will give you the tools and skills for becoming more agile, balanced and confident in your movements and to achieve an improved sense of well-being.

Starting from the mat, you will learn how to connect with your body to create a new sense of awareness of your posture and movements, and how to maintain this while sitting, standing, and yes, also during falling.

Class size is limited so that each participant will get enough attention and hands-on support by the instructors to allow the transformation from fear of falling to falling gracefully.

DATES: Eight consecutive sessions on Sundays starting May 5 to June 23, 2019

TIME: 4:15 pm - 5:45 (90 minutes)

LOCATION: Lakewood Civic Centre (in Gymnasium)

PRICE: $400.00 + applicable taxes. This includes 8 sessions in the gym plus two fall risk testing sessions, one before and one after the 8 week program (value of $150.00).

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Robynne Smith, bsc(Pt), bsc(anAt)

Robynne has helped people from young children to the elderly to have better balance for over 35 years. She has additional training in Fall Prevention and can provide advanced balance training. In 2011 and 2012 she provided ‘Balance Boot Camps’ which were successful for helping people to be more active and stable with their balance. Since 1996 Robynne has provided Vestibular Rehabilitation for assessing and treating people with dizziness and vertigo in Saskatoon. She has taken several advanced vestibular courses in the USA and is now teaching seminars and training programs for colleagues and other health professionals.


Eylon Mogilner, Dott. Fisioterapia,

With the love of helping people, Eylon transitioned from the Israeli technology sector to obtain a Physical Therapy degree in Italy. He then started to develop the Own The Floor™ fall prevention exercise program, based on his knowledge of Martial Arts, Neuroplasticity and the human potential of self healing.
Eylon initially arrived in Saskatoon to participate in a research project at the U of S. With years of healthcare experience he is convinced that the key to better health is by attentive, compassionate and non-attached playful movement.



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