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Robynne Smith Physiotherapy began in 2017 as a mobile physiotherapy program and recently relocated from an office on 8th Street to the current location on 2nd Ave N in Saskatoon. Robynne Smith Physiotherapy is an innovative and caring health care service that is driven by passion, inspiration and high standards while caring for clients of any age in Saskatoon and surrounding area.

Robynne Smith Physiotherapy is dedicated to helping people to overcome dizziness pain, stiffness and balance concerns so they can return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Robynne’s mission is to improve the skills of colleagues and allied health professionals so they too can treat their clients with better outcomes.


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About Me

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Robynne Smith, BScPT, BSc(Anat)

Robynne has been providing physiotherapy treatment in Saskatchewan since 1983. For the first 10 years as a physiotherapist she worked primarily in the Pediatric Department at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina where the helped children of all ages and conditions.

After moving to Saskatoon, she started work with private physiotherapy clinics and found her special calling to work with people with dizziness and balance disorders. She has extensive training and experience in Vestibular Rehabilitation to help people with inner ear concerns including: vestibular neuritis, BPPV, Vertigo, imbalance, fear of falling, imbalance, cervicogenic dizziness, Meniere’s, concussions and more. Assisting clients to restore their balance allows them to return to previous activities of daily living without dizziness or fear of falling.

Robynne’s main philosophy is to treat the whole person and this is evident when she takes into account their whole history of their condition as well as how their symptoms are affecting their lives. Robynne helps clients of all ages and all walks of life to return to their active and health lifestyle.

Robynne also offers professional training in Vestibular Rehabilitation for Allied health professionals through introductory to advanced level seminars, workshops and courses. The list of current workshops can be found HERE.

Robynne Smith is a licensed physiotherapist with the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT) ID #769.



1983 - Bachelor of Science in Anatomy 1983 - Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Between 1996 - 2018 Robynne attended various Vestibular Rehabilitation courses throughout Western Canada, Oregon, California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania


• Vestibular Disorders Association
• Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada
• Canadian Physiotherapy Association
• Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association
• Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapy
• Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association


• SGI Accredited



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